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A bit of effort never hurt anyone. Stick this list of eco-friendly habits to get into to your fridge (on recycled paper, naturally!). It's surprising how, through helping the environment, you can help yourself and make yourself feel better. 

1. Don't leave the tap running while you brush your teeth and shower instead of having a bath (a bath uses 150-200 litres of water, while a shower only uses 30-70 litres).  

2. Invest in a sturdy cloth shopping bag that you can fold into your handbag and take everywhere with you. It'll get rid of the need for wasteful plastic bags that are harmful to the environment. 

3. Don't throw away used pieces of paper: use them as scrap on both sides, or give them to the kids to scribble on. 

4. Don't overheat your house. Keep the temperature constant at around 17°C and wear flannel PJs and slipper socks to keep you warm before bedtime! 

5. Save energy and money by replacing your standard light bulbs with low energy consumption bulbs which use 5 times less electricity. They're more expensive to buy, but they last much longer.  

6. Don't take the car alone. Suggest car-sharing with your neighbours and friends to reduce pollution - and the cost too! 

7. Give your children wooden toys. Plastic toys can take up to 1000 years to decompose naturally. Wooden toys look better anyway and go well with your Swedish décor! 

8. It might be handy, but you could do without your tumble-dryer. Dry your washing on the line, outside, or in the bathroom, which is usually the warmest room. 

9. Buy pretty refillable bottles for liquid soap and just buy sachets instead of a new plastic bottle every time. 

10. Try not to drink bottled water unless you have to. If your tap water isn't fit to drink, invest in a filter.


Sarah Horrocks
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