Amateur boxing is great for womens fitness
Couldn't have been a contender, Charlie

Couldn't have been a contender, Charlie

Not every female boxing enthusiast wants to get in the ring. And not all women want to train with a bunch of sweaty men. Female boxing doesn't have to be about 'being one of the boys'.

More and more women-only gyms are being set up across the country. Girls in Gloves is one such gym.  Set up by Naomi Gibson, 31. ‘My life started to shift the moment I started boxing,' she says, 'I wanted to spread the word and get as many girls involved in boxing’. 

For Naomi, Boxing allows her to keep a cool head and deal with the stresses and struggles of everyday life. 'When I don’t box, I feel like things are closing in on me.' she says, 'I know so many women waiting for someone to rescue them, they come to box and you literally watch them transform.'

Boxing training is just about releasing pent up aggression. Sessions consist of rounds on punch-bags, pad-work, skipping, mat-work, weights and press-ups. Sounds like a lot but you'll be guided through by a good coach.

Each class starts with a suitable warm-up and ends with a warm-down. Your coach should also be on hand to check your technique and give you advice as you progress.

Good hand-wrapping is vital for preventing injuries to your hands and wrists. Plus you'll need your own gloves - these come in a variety of weights from 8 to 16 ounces.

I'm sure it comes as no surprise to learn boxing can result in injuries - but the same can be said about any sport. If anything boxers are more prepared than most: head and mouth-guards are obligatory in Amateur and White-Collar boxing. ABAE (The Amateur Boxing Association of England) fights are closely referred and supervised by doctors, reducing risk of injury.

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