Amateur boxing is great for womens fitness

Benefits of boxing for women
Benefits of boxing for women

At  London's 2012 Olympics women's boxing will make its debut as an Olympic sport. Juliet Rowe tells wewomen how women's amateur boxing really can change your body and your life - and there's never been a better time to get involved...

'I am still amazed I have my own wraps and gloves’, says Liz, 33, a new mother and part-time HR Manager, ‘but I don’t imagine for a minute I will ever want to get into a boxing ring!’ I couldn’t agree with Liz more. 

Two years ago, I would never in my wildest dreams have imagined I would be smacking a punch-bag with my 12 oz leather gloves three times a week, perfecting my jabs (straight forward punches), upper cuts (upwards punches) and hooks (side punches), let alone completing endless rounds of skipping and press-ups.

At 37, I'm more toned and physically fit than I have ever been before. You see, it's not the thrill of the fight that keeps me coming back to my boxing classes.  

My body make look better but the real improvement has been with my self-esteem and inner confidence. I've been given a real boost and my mind is so much more disciplined.

‘I have completely changed my lifestyle and I love my workouts, in fact I look forward to them!’ says Liz. Like me boxing has helped her shape up - after just three months of training, she's 24lbs lighter and two dress sizes down.

For lifestyle, health and fitness benefits boxing is a 10 out of 10.  Boxing is great for improving muscle tone all over our body; chest, back, shoulders, arms and core area – a great cardio workout too for the heart and lungs. Women lack the testosterone to get that bulky bruiser look so as you tone, your body becomes leaner and sexier instead.

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