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Why It Is So Pleasant to Ski in the Springtime!

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on April 11, 2015

Ah, springtime, season of renewal. Days are getting longer, temperatures are getting kinder, winter clothes are going back into the closet, and you can at last enjoy the snow and the sun without the Arctic nipping at you. The scene is set for... the spring ski season

Pleasant Weather Conditions

Spring conditions are ideal and the mountains are still covered in snow. From March 20, you no longer need to rush to the slopes in the early hours of the morning! After the night refreezing, the snow softens and you can fully enjoy the hills in the sun. There are fewer people on the slopes, so you can ski in peace and tranquility. This also allows you to develop new skills, such as cross-country, freeride, or freestyle.

New Discoveries

The days are longer, allowing you to pursue new activities. After you have finished skiing, there is more to do. Snowshoeing, hiking, dogsledding... there are many options! Why not indulge in a little trip to the spa after a session on the slopes? Or a glass of white wine on a sunny terrace?

A Variety of Activities

Spring is a time to relax under the returning sun, to enjoy once again outdoor events! Ski resorts adapt to the change in season and offer new distractions, entertainment, and celebrations. This is the peak season for fun and festive activities as well as open-air events. The pleasant weather invites us to take our time. Who would say no to some restorative rays of sun on a patio? Outdoor concerts, friendly competitions, the maple sap running throughout the mountains, sunny terraces, the base spas – there is no end to the choices!

Nature's Renewal

You can take the time to observe and to experience the miracle of Mother Nature awakening from hibernation. After a long cold winter, the sun and light kindles nature's rebirth. As you turn the corner of a mountain slope, you may catch a glimpse of a groundhog as it exits its winter home for the first time! The bridge between winter and summer... we love the spring! In addition, no more frozen toes after an hour of skiing. You can even afford to take off a layer without fear of catching cold.

Great deals

The peak season having ended, there are better deals and more choices. Like the temperature, rates are easier to take! More value for less money, what's not to love!

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by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard
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