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Drop a dress size - LBD workout

Drop a dress size - LBD workout


No dress looks good with bingo wings, so flap them away this Christmas. Zumba® Fitness recommends these magic moves:

Beto Shuffle 

This trademark Zumba move tones the triceps and shoulders.

How to do it:
Move your arms from side to side in a “hitch-hiking” motion.

Flamenco arms

Flamenco is such a strong rhythm which incorporates lots of different arm moves to interpret the music. Ideal for targeting the shoulder area and also strengthening the muscles of the upper back (trapesius and rhomboids) to encourage good posture - perfect if you spend all day slumped over a desk. Stronger back muscles are important for poise and posture; any sensible fashionista knows that standing tall instantly shaves off a few pounds.

How to do it:
One arm reaches up and one arm reaches across the body whilst rolling the wrists like playing castanets.


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