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Drop a dress size - LBD workout

LBD workout: Tummy


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© Hemera


You won't have any fun in your LBD if you're breathing in all night. Take control of your tummy and tone up your core with the following belly busting moves.
The waist area is the first place people notice toning and firming up after attending Zumba® classes.  Most of the Latin styles of dance incorporate hip movements working the obliques and eating away at those muffin tops.

Merengue 6 Count

A really basic merengue march can effectively tone the waist.  Beto teaches by asking people to march like they need the toilet.  When doing this, people will naturally tighten the abs and the movement in the hips becomes more pronounced.

How to do it:
Keep marching the feet whilst taking the movement side to side crossing the central step. 

Belly dance

Admit it - shaking your bum is fun! And it works at toning and shrinking that waistline.

How to do it:
Place one foot forward on the ball of the foot.  Squeeze the hip up and forward and speed it up to work harder.


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