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Warrior yoga with Trudie Styler
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The benefits of yoga on the body and mind


What are the benefits of warrior yoga on the body, for one's health and for one's mind?
I think yoga is incredibly beneficial to the health of body and mind. Any regular exercise is important for physical and mental wellbeing, but I think yoga is unique in its holistic approach to health.

Of course it can make your body strong and flexible, but it also benefits the functioning of your internal organs, it calms and stills your mind, it centres and grounds you spiritually, it creates balance within the body.

Yoga practised regularly and as part of your life brings you in touch with your body and mind, and in my experience it has made me more conscious of all the choices I make for my body - such as what feels good for me to eat or drink.

Who would you advise the practice of warrior yoga to?
Pretty much everyone can benefit from yoga, from children to the very elderly. It’s not competitive, and it’s not about contorting your body into extreme positions. You do what you can, as often as you can, and you will find that you get stronger, more flexible and fitter.

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