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What you need

What you need

Protect and nourish your skin by taking supplements containting essential fatty acids (sunflower, evening promrose or brago oil) for three months.
Fight the toxic effects of pollution and firm up the epidermis of your skin by taking antioxidants (Vitamins Pro-A, C, E and selenium) to help fight the effects of free radicals. 

Keep your locks looking radiant by taking Vitamin B complexes. Ideally, sprinkle yeast over your meals every day: it might sound weird, but it works!   

Natural Evening Primrose Oil Capsules, 60 for £2.74
Vitamins For The Hair Capsules, 120 for £5.49
Skin, Hair & Nails Formula Tablets, 120 for £6.29  
Vitamin B Complex, £3.49 for 100

All from Holland & Barrett


Sarah Horrocks
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