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Polenta pudding with light cream

Polenta pudding with light cream
© Canderel

Serves 6
Preparation 30 min, cooking time 15 min
183 Kcal/portion

90g polenta
half a litre semi-skimmed milk
200 ml chocolate milk/hot chocolate
200 ml light cream
1 vanilla pod
6 tbsp Canderel
100g raisins
20g butter
few raspberries 

-Bring the milk and chocolate milk to the boil. Slice the vanilla pod in two lengthways. Crush one half using a knife and add to the milk along with the raisins. Throw in the polenta and half the Canderel and cook, stirring constantly, for 4 - 5 min. Spread onto a tray (around 1cm thickness) and leave to cool. 
-Cut the polenta into pieces and brown in the butter, turning every so often. Whip the cream until firm, and add the rest of the chopped vanilla to the cream with the rest of the Canderel.
-Serve the slices of polenta with the cream and a few raspberries.


Sarah Horrocks
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