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How to use the TRX Suspension Training System
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How to use the TRX Suspension Training System

How to use the TRX Suspension Training System

Check out this TRX Suspension Training System video to get an idea of what you can do and what you'll achieve.

Our trainer took us through how to easily adjust the straps and the postures to perform really simple but super effective moves.

I tried standing press ups and pull ups either leaning back with my arms outstretched or back with the TRX straps tucked under my arms.

Then it was on to deep squats - amazing for my weak knees - and lunges. I have strong legs so I was shown howyour can change up your moves to vary the intensity of your training.

The TRX is even used by professional athletes so it really is a versitile piece of kit. You can use it to train for almost any kind of physical activity.

As I became more comfortable hanging off my TRX straps, the class progressed to the floor. By looping the handles around your feet you can perform a number of killer core exercises as well as more upper body toning.

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