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Triathlon training for girls
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Wetsuits are optional but they help you swim by providing buoyancy, this helps you float and eases your passage through the water.

They also provide warmth as swimming in open water can get very cold.

Speedo has three levels of wetsuit depending on your level.

Wetsuits start at £150 from Speedo

You can also hire wetsuits for £50 for the entire season.



Swimming costume

A good swimming costume will make your swim section better but remember you're going to stay in this throughout our event so make sure you buy something that doesn't rub - you need to be able to run and swim in your costume. A Triathlon bikini is also an option.

Maru Track Pacer Clip Back Costume
£23 - Maru Swim
Speedo Aqua Bullet Bonded Splice Pullback
£50 - Speedo
Arena Powerskin R Evolution Costume
£116.49 - Pro Swimwear


A must for swimming in open and water, goggles are also brilliant for training in chlorinated water.

Kiefer Zero Racer Goggle
£4.25 - Swim Shop
Adult Speedsocket Goggle
£16 - Speedo
TYR Tracer Racer Female
£15.50 - Swim Stop
Arena Cobra Mirrored Racing Goggles
£23.99 - Pro Swimwear



Swimming hat

A hat helps you speed through the water and also keeps your hair out of the way and dry.

Adidas 3 Stripe Silicone Cap
£4.15 - Swim Shop

Maru bubble silicone cap
£7.50 - Simply Swim
Arena 3D Swim Cap
£7.99 - Pro Swimwear
Aqua V-Cap
£13 - Speedo



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