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Triathlon training for girls
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Nutrition and hydration



Maxifuel have a huge range of nutrition products that get your body ready for competition, can help you through endurance tests and assist your body's recovery following an event or training program.

You need different nutrients for each stage of exercise. Kick start with caffeine, guarana and tyrosine. Keep going with Maxcarb™ carbohydrates, electrolytes and amino acids. Recover with fast acting Biomax™ whey protein, Maxcarb™ Carbohydrates, glutamine, amino acids and key nutrients.

You can choose between bars, gels, capsules, powders and more. They've got all bases covered.


Gatorade sports drinks hydrates and replace lost electrolytes before, during and after exercise or sport.

It's vitally important that you stay properly hydrated when taking part in a triathlon.

The science bods at Gatorade Sports Science Institute have ways of monitoring sweat losses in elite athletes that allows them to recommend an exact hydration program to help triathletes keep going at optimum performance levels.

You can monitor your own sweat loss by weighing yourself before and after exercise and keeping an eye on how much of a bottle of a water or Gatorade you get through.

You should aim to not lose too much weight - you're not drinking enough if you've experienced a significant decrease. Dehydration is a serious problem! Similarly gaining wait means you're over-doing it and comes with its own set of problems such as hyponatermia (low blood sodium).

More information on the Gatorade tests and understanding your hydration needs check out the Gatorade YouTube channel.


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