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© Asics GEL - KINSEI 3
© Asics GEL - KINSEI 3

A good pair of running shoes can overhaul your run performance immediately. Running in an ill-fitting pair of shoes can add minutes to your time and cause you injury.

"ASICS Running Experts" is a badge of honour for retailers as it gives them access to ASICS Running Experts Clinic technical advice program, early availabilty of all the latest products and staff with specialized running and ASICS training expertise.

There are many retailers up and down the country who offer this service.

Do not buy running shoes without getting your gait checked or without first checking the fit. It's not about liking the colour or the pattern, it's about getting the best performing shoe for you.

How it works:
You run on the treadmill in a pair of neutral trainers for a few minutes. A short film of your running is taken, focusing on your feet and ankles. This is then played back in slow motion to identify the problems in your gait.

From here the retailer can recommend a pair of trainers that will correct your problems, offer you the support you need and may even improve your performance.

You'll get to "road test" the recommended shoe back on treadmill to see if they feel alright and if they've solving the issues.

Other stores such as Runners Need also have their own version of this service but aren't just tied to one brand.

Top Tip: remember for triathlon purposes these shoes have got to go on easily and quickly!


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