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Triathlon training for girls
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Train to transition


Vital seconds even minutes are lost in the transition phases of Triathlon events. At Virgin Active they incorporate transition training into their quick classes to get you ready but it helps if you keep this up at home...

Transition 1 (T1): Swim to Cycle

A smear gel or oil spray will help to get your wetsuit on and prevent rubbing when swimming but it also helps when getting it off again...
  • Remove hat and goggles
  • Practice peeling your wetsuit off while running: unzip > shoulders > arms
  • Run to your bike with wetsuit still on lower half of your body
  • Practice removing wetsuit over hips and bum and off the legs
  • Cycling hat on first (not having it on before getting your bike can have you disqualified)
  • Practice putting on your cycling shoes
  • Practice pushing your bike a short distance before mounting

Transition 2 (T2): Cycle to Run

Moving from cycling to running is harder than you might think. Your legs are likely to feel like uncoordinated planks of wood.
  • Start to stretch your legs 6 or 7 minutes before the end of the cycle portion, stretch out hamstrings and quads by standing on your pedals
  • Unclip your shoes if cycling in cleats, or toe straps
  • Run with bike and safely rack it before unclipping and removing helmet
  • Practice swapping shoes as quickly as possible

Transition zones

Have a look around the transition zones before the race so you know where the entry and exits are. It can be disorientating when you're fatigued from the race. Know where your racking point is (where you put your bike) before you race. It will save you time.


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