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Triathlon training for girls
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Train to run


Running is most newbie triathletes best portion of the event but that doesn't mean there's room to be complacent.

Have you ever run after a swim and a cycle race? We're not talking a sedate jog round the park either.

Stamina is key and building it up alongside speed is all important. Interval training will give you a great boost.

The second thing to remember is after a long cycle session your legs will feel like blocks of wood! Wearing cycle shoes with cleats can leave you feeling like your insoles are bunched up under your feet when you get your running shoes on. All of this is totally normal and fortuantely there's ways to limit it.

The Virgin Active Triathlon Fast Classes are great for getting you used to that transition from bike to run and for building stamina.


Top Training Tip: Try interval training to improve stamina - sprint between two lamp posts, jog slowly between two lamp posts, repeat until you've had enough.

Top Training Tip: Hill running should be part of your workout every week! Increase incline while training at the gym, and switch between flat and incline running at various paces to get the most out of your session and build leg strength.

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On the day

Top Triathlon Tip: Stand up on your bike as your approach the end of the cycle. This will stretch your legs and give them a head start for running again.

Top Triathlon Tip: Ease into the run, don't go all out straight away. Take on fluids and keep them up throughout.


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