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Are you a sugar addict?
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Sugar is your fuel


Your lifestyle gives you very little time to sit down and enjoy a meal, so you use sugar to keep you going. You eat whenever you have time, usually whatever is around, which often means sugar (biscuits, cereal bars, sweet drinks...).

Sugar gives you instant energy and helps you cope with pressure, but it doesn't bring you all the nutrients your body needs, so you could end up with deficiencies and exhaustion. Once your blood sugar has spiked and crashed, you're left craving more sugar to keep going. Listen to your body, take a break when you need to, eat at least one proper meal a day, and prepare yourself healthy snacks to take to work.  

A good breakfast is a key part of a balanced diet, so make sure you eat well in the morning: cereals or carbs, some dairy and a piece of fruit. If you can't break for lunch, bring your own food to eat at your desk. Chicken salad with bread and a yogourt doesn't take much to rustle up and is a better option than a bag of crisps from the vending machine.  

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