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Are you a sugar addict?
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Sugar is your indulgence


You enjoy your food, and without being greedy, you take great pleasure in eating - especially dessert! You always finish your meals on a sweet note with a piece of cake, a yogourt or piece of fruit, and you're not one to say no to the sweet or chocolate here and there in between meals. 

You might not realize it, but sugar plays a central role in your diet, and you'd find it nigh-on impossible to cut it out of your diet. You love sweet foods, even if they don't always love your waistline!  

Try and reduce the amount of sugar you eat every day, without depriving yourself of what you love. There's no reason not to enjoy sweet foods, and if you have them at mealtimes the sugar is broken down by your body at the same time as protein, fibre and fat. But avoid eating sugar on an empty stomach in between meals, when it's immediately absorbed by the body and leads to more sugar cravings.

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Sarah Horrocks
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