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The smoking ban: where and when

The smoking ban: where and when

Smoking bans in the UK:

Scotland - March 2006
The smoking ban is already in place in Scotland, where it will hopefully have a positive impact on the health of the nation. One in four deaths in Scotland is caused by smoking.

Wales - April 2, 2007
The UK government allowed Wales to decide on its own smoking ban, despite the fact that the Welsh Assembly isn't normally given such wide-ranging powers. Wales was actually the first part of the UK to vote for a full smoking ban.

Northern Ireland - April 30, 2007
Three years after the Republic of Ireland's total ban, Northern Ireland is set to follow suit. No-one has the right to subject colleagues and workmates to the dangers and hazards of second-hand smoke," says Health Minister Shaun Woodward.

England - July 1, 2007 
Initial plans for a partial ban in England were binned because Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt felt it was impractical and wouldn't offer enough protection from passive smoking for workers in places such as bars and clubs.

Smoking bans around the world:
In the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, smoking bans are in place but vary from state to state (banned almost everywhere in New York and California, for example. In California, it's even illegal to smoke within 20 feet of any door or window of any government building). In Oz, federal law bans smoking in all Commonwealth government buildings, on most public transport, in airports and during international and domestic flights. All Australian states and territories have banned smoking in enclosed public places, particularly workplaces and restaurants.

Within Europe, there are outright bans in Ireland, Norway and Italy, while Sweden, France, Germany and Portugal have all either drafted bans or introduced partial bans. France has given bars, clubs and restaurants until 2008 to become smoke-free.


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