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How to stop smoking without gaining weight
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How to avoid the most common triggers

How to avoid the most common triggers

Giving in is never easy to admit, but it can happen. Each day can seem like an uphil struggle at times, but it does get easier and there are tricks to help you avoid temptation. Here are the most common reasons for giving in: 

- You've no motivation to stop any more, and you're constantly craving nicotine
Talk to your doctor. You might need to adjust your nicotine substitutes.

- You don't see the point anymore
Write down all the reasons why you've given up, and then ask yourself again if it's worth it.

- Something really great/really terrible happens to you
Focus really hard on why you're not going to react by having a cigarette, and think about what's motivated you so far.

- Your friends and others around you smoke
Put some distance between you so that you don't get tempted, and explain why!

- You go out a lot
You need to be doubly careful when you go out, because it's easy to get tempted. Try not to drink alcohol, because alcohol and cigarettes often go hand in hand and you're often less inhibited when you've had a few wines.


Sarah Horrocks
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