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How to stop smoking without gaining weight
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Think positive

Think positive

Before you stub out your final cigarette, think about all the benefits giving up will bring you:

When you smoke: you get tired, you don't exercise, you're out of breath, you get smoker's cough every morning, it's thought to contribute to varicose veins, it ruins your voice, it suppresses your taste and sense of smell, it stresses you out because you're addicted, it gives you yellow teeth, dull skin, bad breath, spotted fingers, it makes your home, clothes and car smell, it costs a fortune and it's ruining your health.

When you stop:
Within 20 minutes of your last cigarette, your blood pressure and heartbeat returns to normal.
Within 8 hours, your cells will be reoxygenated.
Within 24 hours, your lungs will start getting rid of mucus and residue that stays in your lungs when you smoke.
Within 48 heures, your sense of taste and smell will start to improve.
Within 72 hours, your breathing will be easier and your energy levels will go up. Within a week your skin will be suppler and brighter and your hair shinier.
Within 2 - 12 weeks your circulation will improve.
Within 3 - 9 months your voice will be clearer and your lung capacity will have increased.
Within a year, your risk of having a stroke will be the same as if you'd never smoked. Within 5 years, your risk of a heart attack will have halved.
Within 10 years, your risk of developing lung cancer will be twice what it was.


Sarah Horrocks
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