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Stop smoking without gaining weight, quit smoking, not put on weight

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 - Stop smoking without gaining weight, quit smoking, not put on weight
Smoking is becoming less and less socially acceptable, and with the smoking ban now well established, lighting up in a public place will hand you a hefty fine. Aside from the health reasons, has there ever been a better time to kick the habit? 

Many women struggle to give up, or are put off giving up by weight issues, but if you're worried about putting on 5 kilos as soon as you stop smoking, forget your fears: just follow our program and you'll manage to give up without putting on a gram.

Read what our expert has to say, then learn how to prepare yourself to stub out your final cigarette. Our diet and fitness program has been specially designed for smokers who are worried about comfort-eating. It comprises the first phase when you give up, and a stabilization period to keep you off the ciggies and off the biscuits! Finally, have a look at some of your experiences of giving up, and see how healthy and happy you could be.



Sarah Horrocks
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