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Lose belly fat: Seven tips to lose belly fat

Ten tips to lose belly fat: Goodbye to belly fat


The Plank © Photodisc
The Plank © Photodisc
Tip 5: The Plank

If you want to tone you lower abdominals as well as your six pack then the plank is a must.

Fitness expert and personal trainer Justin Way of Pure Gym says: "The Planks is one of the most popular multi-tasking exercises to develop overall core strength and stability.

"Whilst the main area of target is the abdominals the Plank will give a full body workout. It will focus your deepest layer abdominal muscles that will engage and act like a corset to draw your waistline in."

He tells us how it's done:

The Plank

Start on your knees and place your elbows on the floor directly under your shoulders, fingers pointing straight ahead.

Then bend your arms so the flat part of your forearms are on the floor.

Engage your abdominal muscles and lengthen your spine.

Then lean forward to put your body weight on your forearms. You should feel the stretch in your abdominal muscles and shoulders.

Keep your bottom tucked in (not stuck up in the air) and your back straight, so that you resemble a plank of wood i.e. straight and long.

Hold this position for three to five breaths. Take a break and then repeat five times. If your arms and legs start to shake, put your knees to the floor and rest then begin again.


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