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Getting pregnant over 35? (Not so) impossible


 - Getting pregnant over 35? (Not so) impossible
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A lot of that has to do with widespread public awareness campaigns about infertility increasing exponentially with age. These campaigns, many doctors have begun to believe, have been a little too successful, convincing women that getting pregnant in their late 30s and 40s is practically impossible – and that birth control, therefore, is irrelevant.

“Now women over the age of 35 are hearing a lot about infertility,” said Findlay. “People tend to assume that your fertility disappears over night, that it kind of crashes and burns on your 36th birthday.”

It is a message that has Dr. Szarewski practically banging her head against a wall. “I get annoyed by all this harping on about, ‘Oh you’re going to have such a hard time getting pregnant over 35,’” she said. “My mother managed to have me at 43 – and that was a while ago.”

In fact, the majority of female doctors don’t start thinking about having children until 35 or 40. The same is true of an increasing number of professional women across the board. And it’s hard to open a magazine these days without reading a story of a celebrity who’s just becoming a mum for the first time at 40 or 45.

Yet the messages about infertility still seem to drown those stories out.


Samantha Fields
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