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Real Housewives of Miami's Lisa Hochstein: Fit and fabulous

Anne Cohen
by Anne Cohen Published on November 20, 2012

Toronto native Lisa Hochstein, 30, traded her Canada Goose for a bikini and her toque for a tan when she moved to sunny Miami. Now, she shows off that golden glow in the new season of Bravo's "Real Housewives of Miami."

Married to Dr. Leonard Hochstein - a.k.a "The Boob God" of Miami - Lisa has managed to stay above the fray on the increasingly heated reality show, focusing instead on her healthy lifestyle and struggle to start a family despite fertility issues.

We chatted with the former Playboy model and actress about how she keeps fit, what her secret cravings are, and what's next for her this season.

Ok. So first things first, you look amazing on the show. What's your workout routine?

Aw, thank you! I've always been into fitness, and trying to be healthy. And it really is simple, it's all about eating and working out. A lot of people think it's a big secret, but it really comes down to what you put in your body and how you try to burn that off.

I work out up to three, sometimes four days a week. I always do weight training, coupled with cardio. I truly believe you need to do both. If you just do weight training, you're still going to have those extra calories that you need to burn off, and if you just do cardio, you're not going to a toned figure. So I'll do 40 minutes of cardio each time I work out, and alternate muscle groups. So one day I'll do my thighs and my tris, and another day I'll do my hamstrings, quads and my butt, and another day I will do my back and shoulders.

I try not to overdo it. I work each muscle group once a week, and each time I will do calves and abs.

And diet...

I try to eat smaller meals - six smaller meals a day - including snacks, instead of three or two really big heavy meals. It makes you so lethargic and then you get tired and you're energy is low; so if you're constantly eating, six times a day, you're always kind of straight instead of up and down like a roller coaster.

Any favorite low-cal recipes?

Well, I love my favorite foods - who doesn't love meatballs and pasta? I just turn everything I like into a healthy dish. So I'll take my meatballs and make them into turkey meatballs - right there you're saving so many calories and it's much healthier and lighter for you. And instead of regular pasta, I'll use whole wheat pasta, and not too much of it. Then of course tomato sauce is not very high in calories and it's good for you. And there you go, it's very easy to do.

For breakfast, I have these protein pancakes that I make - because I love pancakes! I'll get cottage cheese, egg whites and oatmeal, mix is all together with some cinnamon and Splenda, and just make it into a pancake batter. Then I'll put some honey, or a little bit of peanut butter.

It's all about finding your favorites, to keep on the program and make it a lifestyle, and just switching it up.

How do you stay motivated?

It's become so much of my lifestyle that I don't really think about it. If I'm eating white rice, I really prefer the taste of brown rice. I've conditioned by body and it just tastes better now. And once you're doing it for long enough that's all you'll want and crave.

Do you ever let yourself cheat?

Absolutely! I cheat every Sunday like a maniac. I feel like in life, you need something to look forward to. So I always put aside Sundays, sometimes Monday, to just eat whatever I want to.

What's your poison?

Me and my husband - right now it's football season - so we'll watch football, order a big ol' pizza with tons of cheese and sauce, pepperoni and all of that. And then maybe later on in the evening we'll order some Mexican: tacos with chips and dip and salsa. I'll finish off with a red velvet cupcake, which is my favorite. One day is not going to kill you if you're doing the best you can the rest of the days.

So, you're out all the time for dinner, drinks, etc. What's a good way to stay healthy when you're not eating at home?

I always try - even though it's super annoying, and some people might be embarassed - but it's you're body; and if you want to hold the oil, or butter, just ask your waiter. If you get a drink, I try to make all my drinks skinny, for example substitute the sugar for Splenda.

There's always options on the menu. Try to go to restaurants where you kind of know they have healthy options. Your favorite Italian restaurant might not be the place to go on a daily basis, but if you have to go there, there's always ways...Maybe don't get the pasta and get a chicken or a fish dish. And on your Sundays, eat whatever you want! I definitely indulge, believe me.

Is there more pressure to be perfect and fit when you're living somewhere like Miami, as opposed to say Toronto, your hometown?

Oh my God, a million percent! There's so much more pressure here because it's bikini season all year round - there's really no break. That can be intimidating for some. It's just like a city of sexy, beautiful people.

Do you have any favorite Canadian products or designers that you've kept up with?

I love Aritzia. It's one of my favorite stores, I've shopped there forever, since I was young. It's not the cheapest but it's not the most expensive either. It's always been my go-to store, kind of like an American Apparel meets a high-end boutique at an amazing price point.

What can we look forward to for you in the rest of the season?

Part of the reason I signed up for the show is because I wanted to continue on with my dreams. Although I've reached many of my goals and dreams - becoming a wife - I have not yet become a mother. That's the one thing I really am working on and it's part of my storyline, showing my struggles trying to start a family. I also want to brand myself, and it's a perfect way. I want to launch my own skincare line, and I also want to launch my own nutritional supplement. Of course, these things aren't done overnight. That's what I'm working on now.

Are you yourself on the show, or do you feel like people misunderstand you?

Yeah, I feel that people really didn't understand me in the beginning. They thought that maybe I was going to be really superficial. People tend to judge a book by its cover. I've stayed above the fray with these women so I definitely can get a little crazy, and I have no problem standing up for myself, but I haven't really had an opportunity to do so. I'm more of a peacemaker and the one everyone wants to be friends with, and I like that position right now.

Who knows though, that could change next season - it always does!

"Real Housewives of Miami" airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

Follow Lisa on Facebook and Twitter (@lisahochstein).

To hear more about life in sunny Miami, check out her website, here.

Want to give back? Learn about Lisa and Dr. Lenny Hochstein fundraising efforts for the Make a Wish foundation, the Humane Society and the Susan G. Komen and Women's Cancer Research Foundation.

by Anne Cohen

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