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Preparing yourself for winter sports
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Diet and sport: eating before and after winter sports


 - Diet and sport: eating before and after winter sports
’The food you eat is the fuel for your day of sport!

It's therefore important to eat well before you go out and to limit your intake of fondue, tartiflette, raclette, etc!

To make sure that your body has plenty of energy, try to stick to the following rules:

> Breakfast
It should be copious and balanced to see you through to lunchtime:
- carbohydrate (cereals, wholemeal bread, pasta, etc.),
- fruit (bananas, soft fruits, oranges, etc.),
- protein (egg, ham, cheese, etc.),
- fast-release sugar (jam) to give you a boost,
- a hot drink (tea, coffee) to hydrate you.

> Lunch
Even if you're eating out on the pistes at lunchtime, make sure you eat a balanced meal so you can stock up on energy. Ideally, you should consume the following, either in a dish or a sandwich:
- fish or meat,
- carbohydrate (pasta, granary bread, etc.),
- fruit and vegetables.

> Dinner
Although a fondue is very tempting after a day out on the slopes, you're better choosing foods that will allow you to get rid of metabolic waste and make up for mineral loss:
- vegetable soups,
- carbohydrates (pasta, rice, potatoes),
- fruit.
Finally, don't forget to have a snack at hand in case of a slump in energy during the day: dried fruit (apricots, raisins, etc.), a cereal bar and a bottle of water.

Don't Forget: the cold can inhibit your sensation of thirst and yet it's very important to drink every half an hour, in small quantities, while you're doing sport. It ensures that your body is sufficiently hydrated and it prevents cramps.


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