Postnatal fitness: How to lose weight after a baby
Postnatal fitness: How to lose weight after a baby
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Postnatal fitness: How to lose weight after a baby

Breast feeding and fitness

Breast feeding is a very special time for mother and baby but heavy boobs can hinder exercise, so follow these tips from Neale Coleman, Master Trainer for Premier Training International.

"Breast feeding is an excellent way to help to lose the maternal fat gain as the process of Breast feeding can account for around 1000kcals of extra energy expenditure every day compared to not Breast feeding.

"Don’t try to diet whilst Breast feeding - eat a healthy diet and keep active and the weight loss will happen. It took 9 months to gain extra weight, don’t expect to lose it immediately.

"If you are Breast feeding - try and feed the baby before exercising. Firstly it will probably feel more comfortable to exercise with breasts that have just been emptied!

"Secondly, research has shown that babies aren’t always keen on the taste of Breast milk if it is tainted by the production of lactic acid following an exercise session."

Patricia Braz says: "It is very important to drink water during exercise to avoid dehydration, particularly if you are breastfeeding."

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