Postnatal fitness: How to lose weight after a baby
Postnatal fitness: How to lose weight after a baby
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Postnatal fitness: How to lose weight after a baby

Toning your tum

Lisa Wright, Buggyfit instructor says: "Don’t give up on your tum; you CAN look good in a bikini again.
"Think about what your abdominals have been through during pregnancy. They were stretched to approx 60cm, and your uterus grew from the size of a golf ball to the size of a rugby ball. 

"Your main abdominal muscles become separated down the middle. This happens to allow the baby to grow. You can end up with a gap between these muscles of up to four finger widths. This gap doesn't automatically close after birth - it's a gradual process that occurs as the muscles slowly regain their strength.

"So even if you've lost all the weight you gained during pregnancy, you'll probably still have handfuls of flesh where your bump used to be. There is still hope, check the gap you have and assess what to do next."

Find out how to check your abdominal gap...

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