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What's in a 'lighter' label? We investigate...
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Dairy products

Dairy products

It's a jungle out there in the dairy produce aisle! Even the sharpest of label-readers can get caught out when confronted with 10 different types of milk, natural yogourt, fromage frais, flavoured yogourts, 0% fat yogourts, cream and desserts.

The most important thing to ask yourself: "What exactly is it 'light' or 'reduced' in?" A yogourt might be fat-free, for example, but it could contain its own weight in sygar which does make the whole business of no-fat slightly redundant. Reduced-sugar or sugar-free delicacies will probably contain sweeners and fat. Obviously the best thing on the calorie front is 0% fat and 0% added sugar, but don't expect such products to taste the same as the standard version, and beware of over-compensating! 

Our nutritionist says: "As long as you ascertain exactly what's in them and how many calories they contain, certain sugar-free and fat-free dairy products can help you lose weight. But as with the meat and cheese, it can sometimes be better for you - and far more satisfying - to enjoy the full-fat, full-sugar version little and often rather than gorging yourself on light alternatives every day."


Sarah Horrocks
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