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Losing weight through hypnosis, slimming and hypnotherapy

Losing weight through hypnosis, slimming and hypnotherapy

Can you explain why hypnosis works particularly well for dieting?
Hypnosis is particularly helpful to those with a food problem. You can't have willpower over something that you don't control. So if you eat too much sugar or salt you can regulate and change your addiction using hypnosis. It will allow you to take pleasure from eating sensibly and will also establish healthy behaviour in relation to food. For example, the difficulty of depriving yourself of sugar can be transformed into the pleasure of eating healthy foods.

In what other areas can hypnosis be used?
We help a lot of people who want to stop smoking without getting stressed or gaining weight. But we mainly treat phobias, depression, post-traumatic stress, some chronic pains and pathological grief. Hypnosis has the power to help people once they've decided they want to be rid of their problem.

If you're tempted by hypnosis, don't just go to anyone. There's no legislation controlling hypnotherapy in the UK, but word of mouth is probably the best way to find an honest and effective hypnotist. Otherwise, there are some organizations that you might like to contact for more information:

British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH),
National Council for Hypnotherapy, www.hypnotherapists.org.uk

Cost: around £60-75 for a 45 minute session. 1-3 sessions are normally required.


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