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Eating a lot, big eater, big amounts, quantities

Eating a lot, big eater, big amounts, quantities

Rachel, 36

I wouldn't describe myself as a food connoisseur but I just have a huge appetite! I never skip a meal and I always finish what's on my plate. While my friends could quite happily eat a plate of salad, I' always go for a massive helping of pasta and tomato sauce, with parmesan on top! Hypnosis was a last resort for me.

These days my appetite regulates itself naturally. I have my fill and, like my friends, I'm happy with just a salad for lunch - sometimes I even go without bread! I never thought I'd be able to regulate my eating. All my previous attempts were useless and every diet I went on just made me more obsessed with food.

I have a very healthy relationship with food now. Hypnosis really helped me to see things differently. Eating is a pleasure, but it's down to me. Like with any kind of diet, there are temptations, but it's my own willpower that helps me not to give in.


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