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Losing weight the easy way
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Meal substitutes

Meal substitutes

When you’ve only 5 minutes to grab a bite to eat, healthy eating often goes out the window. You miss meals and end up eating a packet of biscuits or a bar of chocolate washed down with a Coke as you’re working.  

Biscuits and chocolate are no substitute for a meal, and they’re definitely not balanced! They have no nutritional value, all they contain is sugar and fat, and they’ll only make you put on weight.  

When you have no alternative but to eat on the move in 5 minutes flat, meal substitutes can be the best thing: they contain lots of protein, vitamins and minerals, they’re low in fat and now and again they make a perfectly aduquate substitute along with some veg, fruit and a yogourt, for example.  

Available in bars, soups, drinks, etc, you can eat them on the go and still get some nutrition into you to keep your body going and avoid hitting the vending machine. Find them in supermarkets, pharmacies, Boots, etc. Don’t forget to read the labels carefully, and go for something you can chew rather than something you drink – it’ll satisfy you far more!


Sarah Horrocks
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