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Losing weight the easy way
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Ordinary restaurants

Ordinary restaurants

Try and make sure whatever you eat is low in fat and contains a source of protein: go for lean meat, fish or eggs, vegetables, a source of carbohrdate or bread, and dairy products and fruit to finish with. Try and eat a balanced meal.  

Wherever you eat out, here are some handy hints:

Traditional restaurants. GOOD: seafood, mixed salad, fish, white meat in a light sauce, vegetables, some carbohdrate, such as a roll, yogourt, fruit salad or sorbet.
BAD: pies and pastries, quiche, assorted cold meats, meat in heavy sauces, vegetables cooked in cheese, anything fried, cakes and ice cream.  
Pizzeria. GOOD: 4 seasons, neapolitan, seafood or bolognaise.
BAD: 3 cheese, anything heavy on oil and cheese, pasta in creamy sauces or rich oven-baked dishes.
Chinese: GOOD: fish soup, salad with bamboo shoots, soya, prawns, lean meat with separate sauce, fish kebabs (not fried), boiled rice.
BAD: spring rolls, anything fried, fatty meat, special fried rice, fritters or pork balls.
Japanese: Japanese food is generally very good for you, so there are no restrictions as long as you don’t go mad (no more than 8 pieces of sushi, for example).


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