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Leg toning exercises: how to get "skinny" legs
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Enhancing your legs' appearance through clothes


what you wear also plays a big part in how good your legs look. Make sure you're getting it right!

> To wear:
- cigarette pants that lengthen legs;
- above-the-knee skirts and shorts, even mini-skirts and hot pants once your legs are thin and shapely;
- A line skirts and dresses
- leggings with a large sweater or a short dress;
- thin tights, preferably black which has a slimming effect;
- heels to shape calves and slim down thighs. Especially platforms
- denim with lycra - shapes your legs and thighs like a corset!
- high-waisted flared jeans that lengthen legs and balance a big bump and generous hips

> To avoid:
- calf-length skirts and dresses. Not only aging but make your calves look massive!
- too tight-fitting clothes that encourage legs to swell and produce a stumpy effect;
- fabrics, prints and bright coloured trousers make legs look bigger;
- squared bikini shorts. They make thighs look shorter and wider.

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