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Leg toning exercises: how to get "skinny" legs
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Advice for pampering your legs


> At home

- A cold shower: Sit down with your legs stretched out in front of you in the bath. Move a jet of cold water (22°C maximum) back and forth over your legs, from your ankles to your bum. Depending on the size of your bath, move the shower head from the sole of your feet to your bum.

- An anti-cellulite cream: Spread it on morning and evening! Check out our how to get rid of cellulite advice for top tips and recommendations.

- A massage: For your thighs, make upwards movements, from your knee up to your hip, with your hands flat, thumbs on your thigh and fingers on the sides.

For your knees, apply pressure upwards with your middle fingers, from one side of the kneecap to the other. Then make small spiral movements, from the bottom to the top of the knee area.

> At the salon

- Cryotherapy: Refreshing active ingredients are applied to the legs, then the legs are wrapped up to give them an immediate and relatively long-lasting sensation of lightness.

- Pressotherapy: This lymphatic drainage technique involves applying intermittant compression on the legs. It's as effective on heavy legs as it is on cellulite.

- Manual lymphatic drainage: Preferably carried out by a physiotherapist, this rather painful massage stimulates circulation in the lymphatic vessels.


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