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Leg toning exercises: how to get "skinny" legs
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Looking after your legs


- Don't stay seated for too long: And don't whatever you do cross your legs! It's not good for the veins located below the knees.

- Walk as much as possible: Walking improves circulation and tones your vein walls and calves.

- Avoid too tight-fitting clothes: Whether they're tight at the waist, legs or feet.

- Wear comfortable shoes: Avoid boots that fit tightly round the lower part of the legs. Steer clear of very high heels as well as flat ballet pumps with no support!

- Raise your legs as often as you can: In bed, at work, when watching the telly, etc.

- Avoid heat: Too frequent exposure to the sun, heated flooring, hammams, hot baths, etc can dilates veins (vasodilation), whereas the cold has a constricting effect (vasoconstriction).

- Watch what you eat: Make sure you're getting plenty of antioxidants (Vitamin C in fruit and vegetables, Vitamin E in dried fruit and oils) which strengthen capillary walls; fibres (wholemeal cereals, green vegetables) which improve bowel movements; and Omega-3 fatty acids (rapeseed oil, fish) which have fluidifying properties.

- Consider herbal remedies: "Butchers broom" tightens up veins, witch hazel increases their resistance, cypress prevents blood from stagnating in the legs, horse chestnut reduces the permeabiliy of capillaries, and red vine strengthens vein walls. All these plants are available in the form of food supplements.


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