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Leg toning exercises: how to get "skinny" legs
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Fitness advice to tone your legs


To tone and shape your legs, it's essential to move as much as possible every day (walking, taking the stairs, etc.) and to do certain forms of exercises or sports 2 to 3 times a week:

- Walking: It forces the circulatory system to function at a higher level. Walk as often as you can. Keep up a brisk pace, and aim for at least 30 minutes a day. Consider golf and hiking as leisure activities too.

- Dancing: Rock, salsa, tap dancing, tango… Dancing is the ideal activity for achieving stunning legs: it makes them flexible, it strengthens ankles and it slims calves.

- Swimming: It encourages blood to pump through your legs as a result of the alternating contraction and decontraction of muscles. Add to that the horizontal position you're in, the coolness and the pressure of the water which can all drain edemas.

- Aquaerobics: The pressure of the water and hydromassage contribute to pumping blood back towards the heart. Even when just standing, the ankles are drained well because the pressure of the water increases with depth.

- Cycling: It's a well-known fact that pedalling is great for your calf muscles. It tones your thighs too.


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