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Leg toning exercises: how to get "skinny" legs
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Legs: leg problems for women


Like bums and tums, legs are subject to hormonal variations. The thighs, knees and calves make up the main areas of the body affected by cellulite, especially for women who are pear-shaped.

It's also the part of the body that encounters circulation problems the most. Heavy legs and water retention are the bane of many women and this is often coupled with pain and unsightly swellings, or even varicose veins.

Housing a number of muscles from the top of the thighs down to the feet, legs don't like an absence of physical activity. If they're not used, leg muscles loosen up and lumps and bumps appear.

To have beautiful legs you need to work them and provide them with all the necessary care for optimum circulation.

No pain, no gain!


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