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Interview with TV's Gillian McKeith: the You Are What You Eat diet guru chats to soFeminine

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 - Interview with TV's Gillian McKeith: the You Are What You Eat diet guru chats to wewomen
Ask 10 people what they think of when you say Gillian McKeith and 8 of them will probably reply "the poo lady." But toilet humour apart, Gillian tells us there is actually a serious side to her penchant for examining the contents of her clients' bowels...and the You Are What You Eat diet guru isn’t about to give up her favourite pastime. 

Gillian’s now on a one-woman mission to persuade the nation to ditch takeaways for mung beans, greens and quinoa, listen to our bodies and address our health through nutrition. Her new Food Bible swept to #1 on the bestseller list on release, and her clients swear by her outspoken methods...but they have made her into a somewhat controversial figure. 

So how goes the gospel according to Gillian McKeith? soFem’s Sarah swapped her caramel macchiato for a fruit smoothie and went for a chat with the tough-talking nutritionist...

Sarah Horrocks


Sarah Horrocks
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