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How about the sea?

How about the sea?

How is it different from the swimming pool ? Seawater is cooler, deeper and most importantly, salty.  There are waves and currents, both deep under the water and at its surface.  The air is pure and fresh and there is often sea spray, sea air is thought to be energizing and health-giving.

The Benefits.  The water supports your body in the same way as it does in the pool, but in the sea you also benefit from the cooler temperature, which tones tissue and burns calories.  Waves and currents massage the body, creating a force for you to swim against, making your body work harder.  Salt and sand in the water scrub and exfoliate the skin as well as massaging cellulite away and the mineral-rich air, which is also full of trace elements to energize and replenishe.


Sarah Horrocks
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