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Making Progress

Making Progress

Sticking to breaststroke not only puts a strain on your back, but can also be quite boring!  Learn several strokes to make your session more fun and improve your breathing.  Working different muscle groups is great for your overall fitness, too: breaststroke is best for the pectoral muscles and arms, the crawl improves your stamina and breathing, backstroke trims the figure and the butterfly develops co-ordination.  Individual lessons are great for learning new strokes, find out more at your local pool.

Improve your technique and increase your strength by investing in a few pieces of basic equipment.  Flippers will work your legs, paddles work your arms and shoulders, a pull-buoy will strengthen your balance and improve your breathing and floats help you to co-ordinate your breathing and kicking.

Make progress by lengthening your sessions and making them more intense.  Visit the pool regularly, adding a few minutes and a few extra lengths each time you go.  Try setting yourself a detailed training program, making your breaks shorter each time.


Sarah Horrocks
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