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Starting Off

Starting Off

Can’t swim or have never got further than doggy paddle?  It’s never too late to learn!  Head down to your local swimming pool and sign up for lessons, if you’re not confident in the water, it’ll be good to go back over the basics.  Learning with other people is motivating and you’ll make plenty of progress with one-on-one lessons.

Maybe you suffer from a fear of the water.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of, sign up to one of the aquaphobia courses offered by many sports centres and swimming pools.  Professionals will gently help you, as part of a group, to overcome your fears using step-by-step techniques. 

If you only swim occasionally and would like to get more serious, starting off too hard will put you off, so ease yourself gently into a routine with two half-hour sessions a week.  Try not to stop after every length and vary your stroke.  Train yourself to breathe in when your head is out of the water and out when it’s under and aim for aim for 800m at first.  

Ask at your local swimming pool, or find out more at these websites: www.swimwithus.co.uk


Sarah Horrocks
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