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Good for the Health

Good for the Health

Unlike most other sports, swimming is completely painless. It’s all down to physics: as Archimedes showed us, the body is 80% weightless when immersed in water, which means less strain on your joints, tendons and back. Swimming is ideal for anybody with a few pounds to lose, is in physiotherapy or suffering from joint pain.

Swimming is also one of the best sports there are for improving the circulation. Like other physical activities, it boosts blood flow in the legs as you contract and relax your muscles. Whether in the sea or the pool, the horizontal position and pressure from the cool water have strong draining properties. No more edemas and heavy legs!

An excellent way to boost your stamina, swimming is especially beneficial to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It also strengthens the heart, improves breathing and boosts gaseous exchange in our bodies.


Sarah Horrocks
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