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How to choose sunglasses
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Adverse factors


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Most of us know that the sun is one of the main culprits which cause impairment to our eyes, but there are other factors too which you may not be aware of.

That's one more reason to persuade yourself to buy a new pair of sunglasses. (Even though it's mainly to support your upcoming fall attire or that beach babe look you’re after for your late in the year holiday getaway.)

It's also handy knowing that there’s one less thing to worry about whether you’re away or during day-to-day activities.

So take note of what can affect your sight, find your perfect pair of good sunglasses, and wear them with pride whilst staying protected!

> Sun
UV light is not part of the visible light spectrum and can be very harmful while going unnoticed e.g. in streets where the clear or glass fronts of buildings can reflect UVs.

Unlike visible light, UV thwarts the defences of the eye, and goes undetected.

> Sand:
Sand can also reflect ultraviolet rays (10%) as can water (20%). At the beach or pool, remember to put your sunglasses on, and if they are water resistant, keep them on when in the water!

Also remember to protect your children's eyes (goggles will protect from both the sun and sand grains), especially at times when the sun is at its highest point (and thus closer).

> Snow
The white in snow reflects up to 85% of UV. The higher the altitude, the more ultraviolet rays there are, and they can cause lesions on the surface of the eyes (“snow blindness").

It's very important to wear special glasses when up in the mountains (available in sports shops) ... and to avoid forgetting them at the chalet!

> 'Blue light':
Stronger than ultraviolet light, blue light is also one of the spectra that make up white light. It can pass through the natural filters of the eye wall.

As with UV, it's present even on cloudy days.


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