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Advice from an ophthamologist: protecting your eyes


© Thickstock - Advice from an ophthamologist: protecting your eyes
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Interview with Dr. Benjamin Wolff, ophthalmologist

I'm only in the sun for two hours a day, is it still dangerous?
The best thing to do is to avoid sun exposure when the sun is at its strongest, between noon and 2pm. The environment also plays an important role. For example, exposure is greater on a glacier than in town or in a forest.
At what age is it most important to protect your eyes?
At any age it is very important to protect your eyes, especially during prolonged exposure. In children, it's more in terms of prevention, to avoid creating eye damage, whereas in older people with adequate protection it’s to prevent damage that will make existing problems worse.
I forgot my sunglasses, what should I do?
Use common sense during long exposures (holiday, beach, hiking, skiing, etc.). Use hats and parasols, and take shelter in the shade when the sun is directly overhead.
Apart from the sun, what other things hurt your eyes?
There are many factors that can irritate eyes. The eyes are constantly "attacked" by sand, wind, heat, chlorine, pollution, working on a computer screen, etc.
Tobacco is a known risk factor for many diseases of the eye such as AMD (age-related macular degeneration) and cataracts. The smoke that comes into contact with eyes may further aggravate eyes that are already dry.


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