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How to choose sunglasses: buying a good pair of sunglasses

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How to choose sunglasses

Keeping our eyes healthy and protected is now just as important as looking after our skin.

We're always being warned that we need to protect our skin from the sun's rays, but it’s easy to forget our delicate eyes are also sensitive to light too.

Trying to decide how to choose sunglasses can be tough, endlessly contemplating over which style to go for and what shape to pick.

However, not only should you be looking at which sunglasses will make you look your most best, it’s also fundamental that you choose sunglasses which protect your eyes from sun, sand, cloud and even snow! It seems finding your pair for the year has never been so crucial.

Yes that’s right sun protection for eyes is now necessary for summer and winter.

How to choose sunglasses which are right for all these situations may sound a little difficult, but if you want to keep your sight how it is, or prevent any more damage taking place, then take a look at our how to choose sunglasses guide which gives you all the information you need to help pick the perfect pair that you can wear all year on every occasion.

Read on for advice on how to choose sunglasses which will protect your eyes, and how to choose sunglasses which are right for you.

With thanks to ophthalmologist Dr Benjamin Wolff.


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