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Indulging without bingeing: a festive survival guide
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It's easy to pick at nibbles that are set out without realizing how many calories you're getting through, so try and avoid them if you can. Veg dips such as carrots and celery are ideal; they're high in water and fibre, so eat as much of them as you want! Go for a few canapés, crackers or toasts and cut out the peanuts, crisps and biscuits.  

Go easy on your starters: if you're offered paté, for example, have a thin slice (20g = 110 cal) with a couple of slices of bread or toast (20g = 110 cal). If seafood is on the menu, have as much as you like, but don't have more than a teaspooonful of mayo or sauce and a couple of slices of lightly buttered bread (120 cal).


Sarah Horrocks
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