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It's eco-friendly

It's eco-friendly

> Bikes don't pollute or damage the environment. 

> Whether you live in a city or in the country, stop taking the car or public transport and start biking! It makes a massive difference, because the shortest car journeys are those that cause the most pollution.

> You inhale 4 times less toxic gas when you're biking than you do when you take other methods of transport (providing you avoid pockets of pollution). You're also 6 times less exposed to volatile substances on a bike than you are in a car and 3 times less than you are in a bus. And because cyclists go much faster than pedestrians and are higher above the road, they're also better at avoiding exhaust fumes. Traffic delays cost the country around £15 billion a year. (Source: CBI)

> Bikes cost 4 times less than cars and half as much as public transport. A bike is a sustainable investment and the only costs come from upkeep and accessorizing! 


Sarah Horrocks
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