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Athlete's Foot


© STOCKBYTE / Jupiterimages
© STOCKBYTE / Jupiterimages
You don’t need to be an athlete to have Athlete's Foot! Known as Tinea Pedia, it’s an itchy rash on the foot, an infection caused by fungus which is normally present on our skin.

Under the right conditions (think dark, moist places such as toes stuffed in shoes and boots!) fungus can grow and cause athlete’s foot.

Symptoms include itchy, scaling rash, cracking on the foot (usually between toes), and foot odour, however, not all itchy rashes of the feet are athlete’s foot.

See your GP for diagnosis, as they examine affected skin under the microscope to see if fungus is present.

Ease your symptoms:

Treat it with creams, powders and lotions available from any pharmacist, this works by killing-off the fungus.

Wash your feet daily, if possible, twice. Thoroughly dry your feet, make sure you dry between the toes, avoid plastic shoes, opt for leather, and sandals/open shoes during the summer.

Try not to wear the same shoes two days in a row, and wear 100% cotton soaks, avoiding man-made fabric such as polyester.


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