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Oral Health Month: give your mouth a make over

Beat bad breath


Nothing will take the shine off a sparkling smile quicker than bad breath. First, do the quick lick and sniff test to find out if breath is less than fresh. Lick the inside of your wrist and leave it to dry for a few seconds. Then sniff it. You’ll soon know if there’s a problem.

Get a tongue detox. Tongue scrapers don’t sound sexy,
but they work. With their uneven surface, tongues are a playground for bacteria and a build-up can be a prime contributor to bad breath and the formation of plaque on teeth.

TryTongueDetox™, £3.25 to prevent bad breath and revive taste buds.

Place at the back of the tongue, gently press down and pull forward. Used daily after brushing, it’s a quick and easy way to remove bacteria and food debris.


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