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State of mind

State of mind

Determination is vital if you’re going to succeed.
When you take up a new sport, you have to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, so you’re not going to be dancing like a pro after the first class. “It takes time to build a perfect understanding between your body and your mind,” says Cyrille Vaillant. “You mustn’t get discouraged if you feel as if you’re never going to do the moves right.”  

Enjoy it! The real secret of success is enjoyment. At the end of the day there’s no point in doing something that you don’t like, so if you’re really not enjoying it then try a different class, style or level. Dig the music: it's there to help you, so don’t ignore it. Don’t just move your body, move to the rhythm. “I’ve seen amateurs that can dance better than professional dancers, but they don’t listen to the music, they just dance on their own,” says Cyrille.   


Sarah Horrocks
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